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The fathering of Woodhall Spa is usually attributed to John Parkinson.  Between 1796 and 1821 Parkinson acquired land and saw his three dreams come true - (a) to sink a coal mine (b) to plant a forest and (c) to build a city.  The first two happened at Woodhall Spa and around these activities the village sprang.

Following the cessation of hostilities in November 1918, Woodhall Spa set about the erection of a memorial to its fallen.  A gift from Mrs. Alexander Trotter (who was carrying out the wish of her late Husband), in the form of a Portland stone cross, was erected in the churchyard of St. Andrews, on the corner where the four roads from Horncastle, Lincoln, Stixwould and Kirkstead met.  The corner was said to be “the very centre of the daily life of the Spa”.  The unveiling ceremony was reported in the 24th March 1923 edition of the Horncastle News and it fell to Capt. Hotchkin MC., to perform the deed, supported by the Vicar, the very Reverend W.H. Benson-Brown.  For him, this must have been a very sad day for he too had lost a Son in the conflict whose memory is honoured on the Bucknall Memorial.

The Memorial, designed by Mr. H.W. Wood architect of Newcastle, had been worked and erected by Mr. H. Jackson of Lincoln and was enclosed in suitable iron fencing.  On its front was the inscription, in red lettering “To the glory of God and in honoured memory of the men of the parish who served in the Great War 1914-1918.  Nobly they died fighting to make men free”.  On each side appeared the names of the fallen, whom I have listed below. 

The inscription was, following the Second World War altered to read as it does today.  The colouring of the inscription also changed from its original red lettering to the black of today.   

Stanley Brigham

John G.H. Elvidge

James W. Leach

George H. Brooks

Hugh Croft

Arthur G. Daft

Arthur E. Eyre

George W. Holmes

Walter Kent

Maurice Leach

James Lickorish

Henry R. Maynard

Raymond W. Newbury

Oliver V. Osbourne

Frank Overton






Miscellaneous Memorials


Frank Sharpe

Robert Ward

Arthur Smith

Hewson Street

Albert Sumner

Robert S. Wilson

Arthur E. Webster

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