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Kirkby on Bain


The Memorial to the fallen, for this small Lincolnshire village, is situate in St. Mary’s church, and takes the form of a stained glass window.  The unveiling ceremony took place on Trinity Sunday, 30th May 1926, and was performed by Sir David Hawley, heir to the Tumby Estate.  He was then only a boy and brother to Capt. C. F. Hawley who was commemorated on it.  The existing East window, along with the two smaller windows on either side thereof, were replaced by the present stained windows.  The windows were by Morris & Co.  The main window behind the alter consists of three lights, with the two smaller windows being one.  The cost of the works and all other fees was met by the parishioners.

By most village standards, Kirkby-on-Bain was rather slow at commemorating its brave inhabitants, but this must be offset by the fact that the cost of the memorial would have been very high.  The price of stained glass had increased by almost 100% since the ending of the war and much hard work would have been done in the raising of the necessary funds.

At the bottom of the main window is placed the following inscription:


To the Glory of God and in Memory of the

following who gave their lives in the

Great War 1914-1918.

Capt. Cyril F. Hawley, Privates Charles Adams,

Charles Bannister, Joseph Beecham,

Frederick Brooks, William Chester,

Albert Harlock, Albert Toyne,

James Vamplew.






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