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The Bolland family headstone

The memorial for Benington Village takes the form of a Brass tablet mounted in an Oak Frame  The tablet is etched in balck with the names of the fallen.  Originally the memorial hung in Benington Church but, in recent years the church has been declared redundant.  The memorial was then removed to Freiston Church where it currently resides.  Local Benington residents are now in the process of acquiring the church from the diocese and hope to have the memorial returned to its rightful place.

The names inscribed on the memorial are listed below.


Spr. Toynton’s headstone.

Benington War Memorial.


    1. George W. Bland.  Regimental number 18928.  Served with the 6th Lincolnshire Regiment.  Enlisted Boston and died of wounds 26th October 1917.


    2. Arthur Bolland.  Regimental number 7074.  Served with the 1/7th West Riding Regiment (formerly 4033 Northumberland Fusiliers).   Enlisted Boston.  Died of wounds 27th November 1916.  He was the son of Mrs. Emma Bolland of Sea End Benington and is buried in Benington Church Yard.  He was the uncle to Joseph Bolland.


    3. Joseph Bolland.  Regimental number 5507.  Served with the 1/4th Lincolnshire Regiment.  Enlisted Boston.  Killed in action 9th August 1916.  He is buried in Berles Position Military Cemetery France (row d grave 6).


    4. Charles Richard Crawford.  Regimental number G/23107.  Served with the 8th Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment.  Killed in action 26th August 1918.


    5. Harry Crowder. Regimental number 15089.  Served with the 1st Coldstream Guards.  Killed in Action 15th September 1916.  He was the son of William and Lucy Crowder of Butterwick Boston and the brother of the following.  He has no know grave and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial to the missing (pier and face 7d and 8d).


    6. Frederick William Crowder.  Regimental number 23257.  Served with the 1st Lincolnshire Regiment.  Killed in Action 25th September 1916 and was brother to the above.  He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Thiepval memorial to the missing (pier and face 1c)


    7. George Harwood.  Regimental number 242206.  Served with the 5th Lincolnshire Regiment.  Killed in Action 15th April 1918.  He was the Son of Jesse and Rose Harwood of Benington.  He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Ploegsteert Memorial (panel 3).  He may be the brother of the following.


    8. Harry Harwood.  Regimental number 45656.  Served with the North Staffordshire Regiment (Prince of Wales).  Killed in Action on the 28th August 1918 in South Russia. 


    9. Fred Needham.  Regimental number G/25217.  Served with the 1st Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment.  Died of wounds 3rd June 1918.


    10. A. C. Sharp.  Regimental number 40044.  Served with the 8th Lincolnshire Regiment.  Killed in Action 9th March 1918.  He was the son of Fred and Elizabeth Sharp of Hornsey Grounds Benington.  He is buried in Bedford House Cemetery France (enclosure 2 III D4).


    11. C. S. Tether.  Regimental number 638.  Served with the 10th Lincolnshire Regiment.  Killed in action 23rd October 1917.  He is buried at Cement House Cemetery Belgium.


    12. Joseph Thompson.  Regimental number 22641.  Served with the 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment.  Killed in Action 23rd October 1916


    13. Robert Harold Toynton.  Regimental number 166052.  Served with the 67 Division Signals Royal Engineers. Died 16th February 1920.  He was the son of William and Maria Toynton, Butterwick Road, Benington.  He is buried in Benington Churchyard.

    14. Joseph Richard Ward.  Regimental number 45843.  Served with the 9th Leicestershire Regiment.  Died of wounds 30th December 1917.


    15. Henry Woods.  Regimental number 854.  Served with 11th (Lincolnshire) Battery Royal Field Artillery.  Killed in Action 1st December 1915.  He was the son of Thomas Robert Woods and Ellen Woods.  He was married to Harriet Woods of 54 Castle Street Boston and is buried in Merville Communal Cemetery France (IV N 10).

Sadly no information can be traced for either R. Bailey or W. Harwood who are both recorded on the memorial.

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