Lincolnshire Memorials

Lincolnshire is a large county with few large centres of population apart from Lincoln itself, Boston, Grimsby and Gainsborough.

At the time of The Great War and even today, much of Lincolnshire is based upon agriculture. In years gone by, this gave rise to an abundance of small villages, inhabited by the workers. As one travels through the County, passing through these communities as you go, one cannot help but notice they have a common denominator... a church and nearby, the village war memorial.

Anyone who cares to stop and have a look at one of these memorials may be surprised by the actual numbers of men from such small communities that never came back.

For the locals, it is somewhat different, a poignant reminder of lost forefathers. Times may change but in Lincolnshire, the names remain the same.

The Lincolnshire Memorials website is essentially an ever expanding catalogue of this vast number of war memorials to be found across the County.

Memorials listed under the "Memorial Sites" tab have been extensively researched and each of the fallen has a separate page dedicated to them.

Memorials listed under the "Miscellanous Memorials" are accessed via the "Introduction" page. These were researched by David Deptford and we wish to extend our thanks for allowinghim to include details of those honoured in that section